Pastor Cutter

Pastor Rodney Cutter
Rodney Cutter was born December 20, 1964 to Melvin J. and Margie Cutter. Pastor Cutter was reared in the public schools of Savannah, Georgia. Pastor Cutter accepted Christ as his Savior at the age of 12. This commitment to God was followed by years of singing in the Junior Choir at Beulah Baptist Church. His love for singing and reading the Word of God developed this young man into the man of God he is today.  Following graduating from Windsor Forest High School,  Pastor Cutter joined the US Air Force were he served faithfully for 10 years. After being Honorably Discharged in 1995, Pastor Cutter returned to Savannah, Ga.  In 1992 he acknowledged the call of God on his life and entered the Gospel Ministry. Pastor Cutter served in many capacities in the Lord’s house over the years; he was Sunday School teacher, Youth Church Organizer, Bible Study teacher, lecturer, and evangelist. God placed him as the shepherd of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church on September 29, 1996, in Savannah, Georgia. In 1996, Pastor Cutter started with only 7 faithful followers, however, as a result of the favor of the Lord the church grew to over 100. With a renewed focus and a fresh vision, the church adopted a new name, Growing In Grace Ministries.  The Lord continued to bless our minsitry daily. Pastor Cutter received an Associates of Arts and a Bachelors Degree in Religion from St. Leo University, Tampa, Florida, and has recently completed his Masters degree in Religious Education from New Generation Theological Seminary.  He is curretly (2011) pursuing his Doctorate in Religious Education from Coving Theological Seminary.  Pastor Cutter is known as a vivid teacher of the word of God who shows the parallel between God's written word, and practical daily application. Pastor Cutter has adopted a vision for Growing while still maintaining a humble attitude In the Grace of God. As a result God has given us favor in the Ministry by allowing us to ascend out of tradition into a new dimension of his Glory.  Pastor Cutter married his high school sweetheart Samantha L. Hicks September 1988, and to this union 2 childeren were born, daughter Margie Margeau Trinity and son Rodney Braxton Myles.  Their lives reflect the true definition of Love, Sanctification, Holiness and humble service in the sight of God.