About Us

Growing In Grace Ministries Mission Statement:
"We are Growing In Grace Ministries, impacting the world with the Grace of GOD one person at a time." 
We endeavor to accomplish kingdom living through focusing our teaching in three areas: 
Worship, God's Word and Stewardship.
Worship - To encompass ushering in the presence of God through dance, praise, exhortation and song, while operating in the anointing of God. Magnifying the name of Jesus Christ through sacrificed lives, while walking circumspectly in the world.  
God's Word - Practical preaching and teaching of God's Word to increase the saints knowledge of the will of God. Praying for more individual as well as cooperate understanding of the word, and asking the Holy Spirit to give us all more "Wisdom for Living" from the Word of God.
Stewardship - Walking in love, operating in one's area of gifting, being obedient in giving and spreading the gospel of the kingdom to the uttermost parts of the world; while displaying an attitued of servitude as displayed by Jesus Christ our Lord according to John 13:4-10

The History of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church and Growing In Grace Ministries
Macedonia Baptist Church was organized in November the year of 1868 on the Old Dutch road under the Pastorship of Rev. L. Harris. He served for a great number of years. Later Rev. Sam Neil was called as pastor. He served for a number of years until he was claimed by death. Rev. Sammie Austin served for a few years and he was claimed by death. Rev. Frank Heyward and Rev. A. B. Brown served us for a few years.
In 1947 our church moved from Old Dutch Road to its current location, serving under the pastorship of Rev. King Solomon .The land on the Old Dutch Road Town Road was given back to the person who donated it. The members that followed the church were Dea. Issac Jackson, Dea. Simon Waldburg, Dea. David Waldburg, Dea. Paul Haynes, Dea. Jacob Lloyd, Dea. Horace Ellington, Sis. Julie Jackson, Sis. Marie Waldburg, Sis. Jane Waldburg, Sis. Ida Ellington, Sis. Hesteen Lloyd and Sis. Daisy Scott. In 1951 our church was burned down and we started to rebuild under ship the leadership of Rev. Daughtery.. Rev. Daughtery served us faithful until he was claimed by death.
Rev. King Solomon and Rev. Fields served us for a number of years. In 1957 Rev Robert Brown was called as our pastor he served us faithful for a number of years. In March 1963 Rev Asbury King was called as our pastor, under his pastorship from 1963-1979 138 members and 6 deacons were added to the church. In 1963 our church added a new expansion to the building, which includes two bathrooms and a kitchen. In the 1966 the church added a new Vestibule, and a new steeple, a Baptismal Pool. In 1967, a new roof was put on the church, and a new piano was purchased. In 1968, an air conditioner was installed. Dea. David Waldburg was ordained in August 1923. Dea. Alfonso Walker was ordained in May 1949. Dea. John Heywood was ordained in September 1958. Dea. Charles Brown was ordained in August 1962. Dea. Moses Walker was accepted on the Board of Deacons. In February 1967, Dea. Joe Lewis Jackson was ordained in this church. In 1971, Dea Alfred Burrough and Dea. Lawrence Fellings was ordained in this church. In July 1973, new pews and our Sunday school present the new order of service in front of the church. In 1974, the pulpit set and the Christian American Flag was added to the church. In 1979, the Baptismal pool was built under the choir stand also we bought a piano. In 1982, thru 1987, forty-one (41) members were added to the church. In 1986, the Jackson Waring Family presented the church with a stove in memory of Sis Julia Jackson. After 25 years of faithful service, Rev. Asbury King resigns as our Pastor.

In September 1988, Rev. Robert Thorpe was called as our Pastor. Under his Pastorship, he reorganized Prayer Meeting, Bible Study, Sunday School, The Youth Choir, the young people worship service, reorganized the Trustee Board, re-registered the church in the Local Association, registered us in the State and National Convention and Local Sunday School and B.T.U. Congress. He installed a new roof, painted the church exterior, remodeled the church steeple, paneled the interior of the church, installed new ceiling, new ceiling lights and fan, installed a new P.A. system, repaired floors in the side rooms, completed the pastors study, installed telephone, purchased a new copier machine, purchased a refrigerator, furnish a microwave oven in the kitchen area. Under Pastor Thorpe’s leadership, we replaced the dining room table and chairs. Installed the first phase of stained glass windows, added three deacons, one Evangelist, received twenty-five (25) members by Christian experience. Baptized 10 members added one son to the church, installed the last phase of stained glass windows, started a building fund drive for our new annex, connect to the sewage, painted the interior and exterior of the church, purchased a new piano, remodeled the kitchen and added a new heating and air conditioning unit. After eight years of faithful service, Rev. Robert Thorpe resigned as our pastor in August 1995.
After the resignation of Rev. Thorpe, GOD allowed nine strong, faithful women to keep the doors of Macedonia open: Our matriarch, Mother Hesteen Jordan, Sis Elizabeth Heyward, Sis Barbara Lloyd, Sis Alicia Wesley, Sis Rose McCombs, Sis Gloria Houston, Sis Beverly Jackson, Sis Patricia Chalmers, and Sis. Betty Brown.
With heavy hearts, yet knowing the Lord would not leave us or forsake us, the Macedonia Church Family continued on in Jesus name. With much prayer, God sent us a Shepard in Reverend Rodney Cutter. On September 29, 1996, in the presence of our Lord and a spiritually filled service, Reverend Rodney Cutter was installed as our pastor and was presented the keys to Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. With the Lord leading and guiding Rev. Cutter, he was able to provide positive counseling to his members. He was inspired by God to reorganize Prayer Service, Bible Study, and the Sunday School. Rev. Cutter saw the need of his younger members; therefore, he organized Youth Worship service, which is held every first Sunday. God continued to bless Rev. Cutter and the Macedonia Church Family by adding to their flock. Currently, three Deacons and one Deaconess were ordained under his pastorship; Bro. Darrell Cutter, Bro. Ervin McPherson, Bro. Lamar R. Oliver, and Sis. Rose McCombs, and Sis Hesteen Jordan is the Mother of the Church. The church was blessed with a new refrigerator, but the “shower” of blessings did not stop there for Rev. Cutter and the Macedonia family, because carpet was laid in the vestibule (entrance) and on the front porch of God’s house, purchased Children Church Ministry Trailer, started tape ministry, purchased a marquee. The interior and exterior of the building was remodeled. The interior was painted and new carpet was laid. The exterior was landscaped and stucco. Along with that, we now have specialized Tithe envelopes that proudly display our church logo that was designed by Pastor Cutter and Bro. Oliver.
In June 2001, Rev. Cutter was lead by the Spirit of the Lord to change Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church to Growing In Grace Ministries. The congregation accepted and adopted the new name, and thus the Growing In Grace Ministries era began. Pastor Cutter acknowledged that this name change could not had happen if GOD had not pre-ordained it by keeping those before us faithful and totally trusting in GOD to lead the way.
Minister Ervin McPherson were ordained as Elder on July 24, 2005 at Growing In Grace Ministry by Pastor Rodney Cutter. Dea. Leroy Hicks answered GOD’s calling and an initial sermon was held on July 31, 2005 at First Mount Sinai Baptist Church. Pastor Rodney Cutter officiated. God continue to be faithful to Pastor Cutter and the Growing In Grace Ministries family by blessing us with the purchase of land (across from the church) on October 16, 2005. This is the future site of Growing in Grace Ministries. We are now on the World Wide Web at: www.growingingraceministries.net, where the latest messages of Pastor Cutter can be heard.
Our Leadership: Rodney Cutter, Pastor; First Lady Samantha Cutter, Women’s Ministry; Elder Ervin McPherson, Youth Ministry, Pastor Assistant, and Men’s Ministry; Dea. Lamar Oliver, Lead Deacon; Dea. Melvin Cutter, Deacon; Sis.Teresa Jennings, Administration and Pastor’s Secretary; and Sis (Deaconess) Rose McCombs, Church Accountant.